Mea586: remember when we were kids CC?

Mea586: there used to be hundreds of people online all the time

XxCTN_CNDYxX: yea I think we're like

XxCTN_CNDYxX: single-handedly keeping the servers alive right now hahahq

Mea586: I wish we could call rn:c

XxCTN_CNDYxX: :c yea

XxCTN_CNDYxX: well I get my phone back in a month. I kind of need it to start sophmore year, so

XxCTN_CNDY: dude answer your phone lmfao!! The 404 number is me!!!

XxCTN_CNDY: My parents gave me my phone back today!!!!!

Mea586: OMGGGG

Mea586: hey

Mea586: I'll keep checking here

Mea586: just in case you write back