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welcome to www.epoolpets.com!

PoolPets are CoolPets!!!

e-poolpets is a fun, safe, and free online 2D Avatar chat website.
Design your own avatar in our PoolPets Avatar Creator, pick your favorite species, favorite colors, and dress your avatar for fun in the sun!
Join our live chatroom servers, create public or private groups with your friends, customize and save your chatlogs, and explore our ever-expanding map of rooms with your avatar!


Users under the age of 13 are encouraged to register with their legal guardian. There are 3 censorship options available for parental control upon registration:
Our Safe-Chat, which gives users a library of common words and phrases to create sentances in our chatrooms. Safe-Chat users can only chat with other Safe-Chat users.
Our Free-Chat with censorship, which gives users the ability to type sentances freely in our chatrooms, but does not allow users to publish any of our censored words and phrases and will automatically censor this content as it appears in chatrooms.
Our Free-Chat, which allows users to type freely in our chatrooms so long as they comply with our Chat Rules. Chatrooms are moderated by our PoolPets administration team.
Parents and Users can find more detailed information about our censorship options and chatroom behavior policies in our Chat Rules.

Is it Summer yet??

Our servers go back online in early June, please be sure to check back frequently!
All avatars, customizations, presets, and chatroom logs will be saved and restored upon relaunch. Users can contact our administration team here if they experience any problems with our relaunch.

New Avatar available!

E-poolpets is happy to announce the addition of BUNNIES in our Avatar Creator!
This avatar patch comes with 4 new accessory items. Have fun swimmers!!!

What are you waiting for?? Jump in! The water's fine :)